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The universally recognized, authoritative source for humanities jobs since 1965, the MLA Job List supports tens of thousands of job searches annually from job seekers in the United States and around the world. Now it’s even easier to reach the most accomplished academics and professionals working in or trained in the humanities.

The new MLA Job List offers a wider range of options for connecting job seekers and employers, including

  • Big savings when you buy multiple ads
  • A 28% discount for subscribing members of MLA Academic Program Services
  • Faster, simpler job posting options
  • New ways to promote your posting, including site ads, featured listings, and more
  • Year-round posting—no more downtime in the summer waiting for the MLA Job List to reopen in September
  • Pricing options to better serve different employer budgets and hiring goals

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What You Get When You Advertise with the MLA Job List

Posting your job opening on the MLA Job List is a surefire way to assemble a diverse, highly qualified regional or national candidate pool for your academic, administrative, or communications-related job. Brought to you by the Modern Language Association (MLA), the leading association for humanities professionals, the MLA Job List is the best way to reach scholars, teachers, administrators, translators, researchers, and others with advanced degrees in the humanities. 

Below are some of the great advantages of posting your open position on the MLA Job List

Twice the Exposure
Most job boards offer 30-day terms for standard posting. However, the MLA Job List offers all employers a 60-day term, ensuring full exposure for every job ad and reducing the likelihood that you will have to renew your posting.

Free Job Alerts
To guarantee that qualified job candidates are notified of your opening as soon as it is posted, the MLA Job List encourages job seekers to sign up for free job alerts. As soon as your ad goes live, we notify them that an exciting new opportunity is available.

Live Customer Service
The MLA Job List provides free, live customer service from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday. To get information about the MLA Job List or help on posting your job, contact us at or 646 576-5151.

Expiration Notice
You’ll be notified 3 days before your ad’s expiration, with an option to extend your ad for 30 days at a discounted rate.

Free Ad Check
MLA Job List staff members manually review the text of all job postings for EOE- and HR-compliant language. It is your last-line defense against the accidental inclusion of controversial or problematic language in your job posting.

Feature your full-color logo prominently alongside your ad. It is a great way to increase both the visibility of your institution and your job opening.

Boosted Search Priority
Your ad will receive higher search priority with a Premium or Executive Search listing, pushing your ad to the top of search results for associated search terms. 

Free Sidebar Ad
With our free sidebar ad option—available exclusively to Executive Search postings—your four-color display advertisement will be featured on the MLA Job List home page for three days near the start of your posting term. It is a great way to get extra attention for your job opening and attract qualified candidates.